The curated walks


The museum of the (hi)stories of Corcubión is not a building in a village. Contrary to that, this museum considers the village both as a place and as a collective subject that constinuously produces the limits of its own museography. The curated walks are thought to organize under different perspectives the traces of the histories of Corcubion that remain in its spaces and times.


The available walks are presented bellow. To visit the museum you have to book a walk.

el pueblo en la plaza.png

A place of animated waters in the land of the sacred mountains

This walk offers a story of Corcubión based on the relation that exists between the history of its landscape and the memory of its inhabitants. The challenge in this walk is to activate in each visitor a temporal and geographical awareness of Corcubión by bringing to the front certain material and symbolic transformations of its social and cultural (hi)stories and by understanding their relevance within the history of Costa de la Muerte and Galicia. From the megalithism, to the celtic culture, the roman, suevan, medieval, modern and until our contemporaneity. A detour  which allows us to discover what we were and to understand what we are.


This walk takes 1h, 30min approx.


"How beautiful you will be" (coming soon)

This walk is a vision of a village in which women’s history and their stories are given space and time in order to not remain invisible to the eyes of a world that has not taken care of them. Therefor, in this walk, we will invoke the traces produced by women, be them artists, poets, singers, teachers, sewers, witches, canneries and many others. With them we will give value to the places they inhabited and to all those chores with which they occupied their lives but most of which are not accounted for.


This walk takes 1h, 30min approx


The sea of life and death (coming soon)

This walk is a vision of a village, with strategic relevance in the coast line of Costa de la Muerte, whose history has been shaped in many occasions by catastrophes provoked by powerful seas and weather .